Navigating the Recession

A Scientifically Proven Guide for Leaders

Get direct benefits from the results of 39 high-quality scientific studies

The report is based on an analysis of the performance and operations of over 9000 companies, changes in consumer behaviour and globally proven best leadership practices during recessions and crises that took place between 1980 and 2015. 

The report was made to support decision-makers in times of financial uncertainty. 

The publication focuses on principles that work in all sectors and allow decision-makers to compare their company’s current situation with validated best practices. There is also plenty of industry-specific information available, should you find it necessary. This report is intentionally concise, universally valid and fully public, but more detailed industry-specific information is available upon request.

The report answers to these questions:


How does consumer behaviour change during a recession?


Business success factors during and after recession: What should you invest in and where should you save from?


How do exceptional circumstances affect decision-making? Why is impaired decision-making ability a big risk in a situation like this?

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